Founded in 1986 the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) was restructured in 1988 as a Florida corporation, and since that time has developed sport karate, and kickboxing in particular, beyond any level previously achieved.

Launched in Europe on October 9th, 1986 its growth has spanned across the political map reaching into countries formerly located behind the Iron curtain. The first sanctioning body in eastern Countries and South Africa it is also established as the only body to sanction Muay-Thai fights in Thailand.

Holding a 55% market share of World Wide market in Kickboxing sports, outside of Thailand, ISKA has a presence on all continents.

ISKA events have been televised around the world by companies such as ESPN, SKYSPORT, CHANNEL+, NETWORK 7, SKY, FOX TV and EUROSPORT along with many other TV companies around the world. There is no doubt ISKA has become the most televised sanctioning body in the world.

Active in about 60 countries ISKA boasts 3 world council representatives, and more than 100 officials. Combine this with 4000 plus professional fighters and it becomes obvious that the ratings are the largest for this sport.

The directors of ISKA have been involved in the development of the sport as promoters, judges, referees, managers, rule makers and more, since the beginnings of professional karate-kickboxing in the 1970's.i

As a sanctioning body, three major responsibilities of ISKA are:

  1. The establishment and constant updating of the rules under which the sport is conducted.
  2. The maintenance of accurate world ratings (along with supporting regional, national and continental ratings), including awarding of titles at all levels and maintenance of appropriate title defense policies.
  3. The training, updating and upgrading of referees, judges and other officials.

In addition to sanctioning, ISKA also functions as a matchmaker, event coordinator and television broker. Accreditation of approved clubs, and networking to assist these clubs to best achieve their goals is a primary function of ISKA.

In order for martial arts to achieve status in the World as a mainstream sport, it is essential the best title matches have consistent coverage on live television and in sports pages of major newspapers and magazines. ISKA Entertainment Company (IEC) has the experience and talent to drive world class kickboxing into the forefront of sport entertainment television and pay-per-view arenas!


In Australia ISKA operates as the International Sports Karate Association Australia Incorporate. We are Incorporated in NSW and Registered as and Australian Body. The Aim of ISKA in Australia is to be the peak body for sports martial arts competition

More recently under its current leadership in Australia ISKA has taken maters concerning martial arts competition to the highest levels of state and federal government to ensure that the correct governance is in place for continued growth of the sport. To that end the board of ISKA has set its sights on the goal of becoming and NSO for sport martial arts

Meet the Team

In Australia ISKA is currently lead by a board comprised of 6 roles elected by its members and 1 appointed manager

Mr Paul Zadro Chairman, Director & International Representative


Mr Jonathan Gleeson Executive General Manager & Managing Director


Mr Kip Stavrou Director & Head Referee


Mr William Wakefield Director


Mr Ali Cetindag Director


Mr John Tooby Director